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“Kick your butt in the cold” blend


I started using YL oils a couple of years ago and this has been my “go to” blend more often than not.  When you have kids, you never want them to get sick.  Living in the Arctic, the colds and coughs always make their way into our lives.  Below is my favorite roller ball recipe for a cold.

  • 4 drops Thieves
  • 4 drops Purification
  • 4 drops Lavender
  • 4 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 3 drops Peppermint
  • 30 drops fractionated coconut oil in 15ml roller bottle.

Apply to feet, wrist, behind ears and chest 4 times a day.

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“Mosquito bite relief” blend

– Instant mosquito bite relief!  I diluted 10 drops Purificatin to 30 drops fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball, which is just right for my 6 year olds mosquito bites.

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Who wants to get rid of food smells?

It’s been brought to my attention (from time to time) that my native food doesn’t always have the most pleasant of smells.  I am a full blooded Inupiaq Eskimo from Northwest Alaska.  I was raised by my grandparents who fed me everything they ate.  They were born in 1911 and 1915, so most of what they ate were my traditional foods which we call niqapaiq.  A lot of our food that we hunted and fished, had to be preserved and the most common way we did that was to dry it.  I eat a lot of dried caribou (some say it’s similar to venison) and a lot of dried fish.  We eat smoked salmon strips, as well as marine mammals (that’s another post).

My super cute mister who grew up in Idaho, has trained himself to keep most opinions inside his head and can control most of his facial expressions when he walks into the house not knowing I am in complete pig out mode with my native food.  (I took offense to his opinion once and let him have it.  Something along the lines of “I will not apologize for the way I was raised and the food that I eat.  I eat your beef, I eat your chicken eggs, I eat your pork etc…….”)  After my little moment, we both came up with a compromise.  Now I am more considerate and shoot him a text…… “Hi Babe, don’t come home right now.  I’m eating my food.”

Since I have started with Young Living, I have diffused the Purification blend every single time I eat niqapaiq and Rob cannot tell when I eat it!  I also put 15 drops in an 8 oz spray bottle and spray down the table.  I like to think that I’m a clean freak, but after cleaning the house with my Thieves cleaning spray I can’t believe that I used harsh chemicals in my kitchen before this. I never really cared before I had my toddler.  I seriously thought that clean was clean and so what if I used chemicals.  Just this past weekend I whipped up a batch of body butter using just coconut oil and oils.  I will post the recipe another time.  I am looking forward to trying out new things for my family using my Young Living oils.  I encourage you to give Young Living oils a try because they have changed my life.  Believe me, I was the LAST person I thought would be using oils, until I gave them a try for the health of my family.  If you have questions about oils or even curious about the day in the life of an Eskimo…… Please email me, even to say hi =)

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