Just a girl…… In the Arctic Cirle


Have you ever read or heard the word “Eskimo” and automatically think “Igloo”?  The first question that I’m asked when people find out that I’m an Eskimo  is “do you live in igloos?”  The answer…. no.  Once about 15 years ago I was in Puerto Rico (I have black hair and everyone there assumed I could understand Spanish when it was spoken to me) I told the employee in the place that I was at I don’t speak Spanish, he asked “so what are you?”.  Eskimo, I said I was an Eskimo.  His response surprised me, he half shouted “Eskimos aren’t real!!” in disbelief.  This was my first experience meeting someone who thought I was a mythical person.  I wasn’t offended as much as I was unnerved at his response,  I too am human.

I do however, live 33 miles above the Arctic Circle in Northwest Alaska.  As I write this post, the temperature is -22 degrees below zero, with a wind chill of -49.  I love that my 1st grader doesn’t think anything of this weather, because it’s all he knows.  It’s all I knew growing up here.  I am proud of who I am, this blog is meant to give a little insight to a modern day eskimo woman.

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