Modest moose and gravy dinner

One of my favorite parts of my entire childhood is having a ton of cousins in and out of my grandparents house.  Since there were so many kids (my grandparents had 12 kids, hence the MANY grandkids), they always had white rice and potatoes by the gallons.

One of the staples in our diet is caribou.  It’s in the deer family and DELICIOUS!!  Not quite as big as a moose, but bigger than your average deer.  Today I am out fresh out of caribou in my freezer, so I am making a childhood favorite meal using moose.  We call it “rice and gravy”.

Traditionally my grandmother cut the meat into cubes much smaller than chunks of beef stew meat.  In an earlier post I mentioned that my grandparents had a very salt and pepper palette.  This recipe is my own spin on my grandmothers rice and gravy.  I am using ground moose meat today.

I start with my rice.  I figured out my grandmother didn’t “rinse” her rice, so it was always soft and mushy.  Now that I’m older, I prefer a firmer rice, so I rinse mine, since I make a lot of rice for my son.  I start by measuring out 2 cups of white rice (I use the Niko calrose rice) in a medium sauce pan, add water and run my hands through it removing a lot of the starch.  I do this process twice and then drain.

Then I add 4 cups of water and salt (salt to taste).  Bring it to a boil for a minute, cover with a lid partially and cook on medium low for 25 minutes.

Then I start browning my moose meat.  I heat the pan to medium, add about a tablespoon of vegetable oil then add the meat.  My grandmother would add diced onions, but my picky son prefers no onion.  I season with salt and pepper.

Next step depends on how well you can make a gravy with flour added to the pan then adding water.  I haven’t mastered the “unclumpy” gravy, so I usually opt to use the cheater way.  I add 3 tablespoons of white flour and a cup of COLD water, mix well and add to pan.  I cook the flour mixture for about 3 minutes and add cold water until I get the consistency I want.

At this point the rice is done.  A scoop of rice and a healthy serving of gravy over the rice makes an AMAZING meal.  My son often tells me this is his favorite.  Best words EVER from your child!

You can try this with venison or elk if you have.  Let me know your favorite way you’ve made it!

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